house seats HEROES:

Let's help shine the light on the heroes of our time!

These recent weeks have definitely altered our lives in many ways.
We have watched, we have worked, and we have wondered
..."what's next"?

All the while, we have been surrounded by the HEROES
of the Front Lines - those courageous workers who continue to
put all others before themselves - pushing, pivoting
and persevering amidst all the struggles of this time.

Can you help us nominate those who need a break?
When everything resumes, let's work together to recognize
and honor these local HEROES. A doctor, a nurse, a janitor.
A front desk person at a local hospital. An EMT, a cop, a first responder.
A single parent navigating home school for their children,
cooking, shopping. A grocery clerk, a bank teller, a truck driver.
A local farmer, a friendly neighbor,
a small business owner.

Let's celebrate the HEROES we see every day,
as well as all those we have not seen.

Submit your HEROES and stories below:

WE will treat them to night out in our town:
A show ticket / A staycation / A spa / A dinner

(Specific prizes will be based on the stories received for each hero.)
(house seats may award up to 100 heroes throughout the year.)

Let's work together to give these folks the needed break they've earned once everything safely resumes.

We love the HEROES of our community, and we want to bring them joy and recognition for all that they've endured during this time.


Your house seats team

Submit your HEROES and stories